i'm not going to pull the sword out the stone, I don't have the master materia and i most definitely cannot go bankai. I'm just trying to do right.
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Keep This List Handy

Lately i have been doing what i want when I want to…soooo lets go to the list:

1) Move into a 1/1 ..but that had technical issues 

2) Start Growing Dreads

3) Build a Desktop Computer

4) Go to a strip club

5) Get “Forget what happened drunk”

6) Get a tatoo

7) Lose weight

8) Become more assertive 

and things keep getting added, on the road to self improvement and self acceptance 

did this back in october and only completed one of them……grreeeeaatt *insert sarcasm*

3) Build a Desktop Computer 

9) Get a new job

10) Finish School

and added two more….

but Jay-Z said “Difficult takes a day, but impossible takes a week”

Gotta add some more

11) Learn Bass Guitar

12 to infinity)  Be a great father